Sometimes it’s hard to find tickets for your favorite events such as concerts or sports. You may have dreamed about going to an upcoming theatre show only to find out it was sold out. Many times, tickets for popular shows such as Taylor Swift, Def Leppard and Motley Crue may sell out immediately. It’s important when tickets go onsale for you to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale to ensure that you are able to buy tickets.

There are a few ways to snag tickets that you want instead of nosebleeds up in the rafters.

The best way is to join a fan club before tickets go on presale or onsale. Usually a fan club will charge you a fee but this may give you access to the presale which is when you can try to buy a special allotment of tickets before the actual onsale.

If your not able to buy tickets during this time, don’t worry, you still have a chance during the onsale. Ticket onsales, usually happen at 10AM on a Friday or Saturday. You should create an account before the actual time then open the ticket page, grab a cup of coffee and wait until the onsale time approaches. As soon as the onsale happens click refresh on your computer or smart phone and try to buy tickets. There is no guarantee they will be available, as many thousands of fans just like you are trying to buy tickets at the very same moment you are. Don’t lose heart, keep trying. Usually the more popular the artist is, the harder it is to even get tickets. Just think for a Katy Perry concert in your city, there may be 90,000 other fans also trying to buy 14,000 available tickets (capacity of your local arena perhaps)