Did you know that ticket brokers actually sell 30% of all tickets for under face value?

Cheap Sports Tickets

The cheapest event tickets tend to be sports tickets. There are quite a few events during the season. This is especially true for MLB baseball with 60 odd home games with massive ballparks of 40,000 or more spectators. NBA basketball and NHL hockey have 41 home games each which is still a lot, but play in smaller arenas that hold 16,000-20,000 fans. Okay get to the point. So with so many games, fans generally can’t or don’t want to attend all of them. They may also not be able to attend due to local population sizes or even how well their team is performing. A bad team usually has very cheap tickets while a good team sells out most of their games.

So if you have a bad team where you live, the chances they will have cheaper tickets is on the secondary market. The team will continue to sell expensive tickets via their website for these exact same games. If you look at a secondary ticket selling site, many fans or brokers will want to sell their tickets and simply try to get their money back. Since the team stinks, no one wants to go. This means that there is less demand. Less demand means that ticket sellers who are in a race to sell their tickets before the game date, lower their prices to try to beat each other for the sale first. What we see happening here is a race to the bottom. Sometimes there isn’t enough demand to sell tickets at any price and the ticket sellers will just eat their tickets. Not literally.

Of course its hard to picture this scenario for the New York Yankees or the Los Angeles Lakers. Your best bet for getting cheap tickets to these huge mega teams is to look for a game during the week as opposed to the weekend. Also look for a less popular opponent with a bad record. It’s also generally true that ticket brokers or ticket marketplaces would generally have cheaper tickets for these type of events compared to the primary ticket seller. For hot games. You just may have to fork out the big bucks!

Cheap Concert Tickets

This one is a lot simpler to write about. The popularity of the concert act, and the day of the week can have a big impact on the price of tickets.

What is usually true is that the closer it is to the event date such as the day before or the day of, you may find a great deal but maybe not the exact seats you had in mind. Such as if you want a great deal to see the event in the lower level somewhere compared to wanting a killer deal for row 8 on the floor.

This works well if there are a lot of tickets left. Example 400+ left if there is 2 days left before the event. If there are very few tickets left, don’t expect any deals as it’s a sellers market and people will want to see the event.