Your best friend calls you saying that Elton John is going on his last tour before he retires. You are both so excited. You both want to go. You know you will need to buy tickets as you can’t miss his last performances. You check the date he will be in your city and brace yourself knowing there are a ton of other fans wanting to go see the last concerts also. You ask yourself what will you do or how will you go about finding tickets to the last shows.

Good question. Well we luckily have a few helpful tips for you.

The first thing is not to panic, you will find tickets somehow! Okay, so the easiest way to do so is to register on the artist or performers website for a fan club. Generally these are not free but they usually come with codes for a special presale where a few thousand tickets may be available before the regular presale and ticket onsale. So if you get a code then simply put it in the presale field on the primary ticket website to unlock the special presale. Know not everyone will be able to use their code to unlock tickets as these are generally first come first served. Many other fans will also be trying to do the same thing as you are. If you miss out, don’t fret yet. There is usually a promotor and credit card presale.

Use one of the codes below to unlock these presales.

Live Nation Password for March: ALBUM
Live Nation Mobile App Password: COVERT
Citi Password: 412800
Chase Password: 8009359935
American Express Password: 8002973333

These codes may or not work depending on the type of presale. If there is an Amex presale these codes generally work. It’s the number on the back of your Amex card. You must use a Amex card for purchase for the code to work.

If you can’t buy tickets via the presale, you will need to try the onsale or another reliable seller if that doesn’t work.

Artists may only make a very small allotment of tickets available for the presale. Maybe only 15%. During the on sale maybe other another 35% as regular tickets and another 20% as VIP tickets which the artists sell at market rates. The remaining 30% may be released as the event date gets closer.

TIP: Ticket brokers only purchase 5-10% of the total available tickets. It’s a myth that they buy all the tickets. While they mark tickets up, they may provide a valuable service which allows you to attend the event.

Fact: Ticket brokers actually sell 30% of all tickets below face value.

Would be great: If artists simply added more dates on their tour stops or played multiple dates in stadiums, then even more fans would be able to attend the events they love at prices they can afford. This is what Garth Brooks has done. He’s played up to 14 concerts at the same arena over two weeks. This creates enough supply to meet the demand it removes the need for ticket brokers to mark up tickets to higher levels as they are able to buy tickets at lower rates = supply and demand.