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We know it may be hard to find your favorite event tickets. That’s why we’ve put together several guides to help you find tickets to your favorite shows so you wont be left out in the cold when trying to buy tickets to the shows you love.

We will help you navigate the hard and confusing periods during the ticket onsale and presale so you have a better chance at snagging tickets to the events you need to see at prices you can afford. You can book tickets directly from your computer or more likely these days, via your smart phone which enables you to quickly search and find tickets you need to buy for the events you cant miss.

We will suggest some ticket sites in addition to the primary seller which may help you purchase or acquire tickets from in your search for the perfect seats.

We are fans too, so we know the pain and challenge of buying seats and not being able to or not finding the seats you want. You are not alone. Tickets-For-Charity is here to help.  We’ve been to countless concerts such as Andrea Bocelli, Rihanna, and Metallica. We’ve sat front row and in the nosebleeds and just about everywhere in between. Get tips and tricks for securing tickets that will help make your event memorable.

When your looking for sports tickets such as NBA basketball or MLB baseball tickets that include teams such as the New York Knicks or Boston Red Sox, passions may run high as you look for the best deal to watch your team raise their respective trophies. While watching these games on a tv can be fun, there really is no replacement for seeing the games live. Imagine a sold out crowd all chanting your teams name as they win game 7. Where would you rather be? At home or at the game? Let us help you get there