Cheap & Safe Place To Buy Tickets

We’ve been hearing from our readers that they wanted us to recommend a general ticket selling website for their regular needs. After some searching, we found Premium Seating. They sell everything from concerts, comedy shows, sports, and theatre tickets for small and large events.

They have a really good desktop and mobile website and their staff have worked with over 250,000 clients over the years. We looked at pricing for multiple MLB baseball games for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Kansas City Royals and found their pricing to be inline with what we’ve seen elsewhere.

We also checked NBA basketball teams, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat and found that pricing was a bit better than comparable websites.

After checking NHL hockey, NFL football and MLS soccer tickets too just to be sure we were getting level pricing, we felt comfortable in recommending them from a pricing stand point alone.

The website sells a large amount of concert tickets ranging from Motley Crue, Def Leppard The Rolling Stones, and Halsey as well.

We didn’t see many luxury suites or VIP tickets listed for sale on their website and they seem to sell a lot of regular tickets at good prices however.

The website makes the user feel right at home with the design and testimonials and their 100% guarantee. As with any ticket website, you need to make sure the website has a guarantee.

The website seems to have quite a few ticket sellers that list on their ticket exchange which means that the sellers must be competitive for your ticket purchase. This helps keep ticket prices lower, which benefits fans.

We went all the way to checkout and made sure all details of purchase were made available before clicking the buy now button. We can definitely say we were impressed and would highly recommend them for being transparent about the entire ticket buying process.