Attend An Event In Style!

Have you ever been at a concert or sports event and looked up from the lower bowl or floor and stood jealously at the VIP boxes or luxury suites surrounding the arena? You imagine rich VIPs, celebrities, CEOs and top brass enjoying the high life with champagne glasses and eating lobster and steak while your down below with a plastic cup of beer and fake cheese nachos. You probably thought these VIP boxes and suites were super expensive and sold to important people. Well they are, but what you didn’t know is that you can be a VIP too!

While many VIP boxes and suites do sell for $100,000 + per year at major arenas, you may also be able to buy a single event suite for an upcoming concert or sports match. Many suites range from $3,000 and up per game. Some concerts may be more than that.

We came across an exciting website VIP Box Seats where you can purchase single tickets to many suites and VIP Boxes (and entire suites) for many sports and concerts across North America.

These same companies that own the expensive suites don’t use them for all their events and choose sell suite tickets when they are not using them to try to recoup their investments. So just imagine being a VIP yourself for only $100-300 ticket in a luxury suite. Who knows those famous celebrities may have sat in the same chair as your have!

Another really cool feature we didn’t know about was there are smaller VIP boxes at many amphitheatres across the USA. These VIP boxes sit 4-8 people and you can also buy individual tickets to many concerts event during the summer concert seasons. You can also buy four person VIP boxes that are quite economical.

So the next time you look up at those VIP boxes and luxury suites while your at an event, know that it could have been you up there!